How SANERA Found 2020

With 2020 now a close chapter its time here at SAENRA to look back and reflect. We started the year off with small supply challenges presenting themselves here and there, little did we know how these challenges would affect our buying and selling of Medical consumables to the Health and Aged care industry.

By February we were seeing problems with getting supply out of certain areas of the world that were hit hard by the global pandemic, these problems were in measures we have not seen before not only was it hard to get products in from the other side of the world, but it was also hard to find an alternate closer to home or on our own shores.

Lucky for SANERA our founders saw this issue being present in the height of the GFC in 2008. Now hold up, our founders did not predict a global pandemic 12 years before it happened, they saw the potential for disaster in souring products from one region or source. Back in 2008 our team started the process of putting in place one or more alternate sources for our products. As the year went on, we slowly moved towards having 100% of our products sourced from one region or area and having alternate products we can offer to our customers.

We have found 2020 challenging but we look back with gratitude, saying thank you to the health care workers on the front line, we say thank you to our suppliers for keeping honest and open communication though uncharted times, we say thanks to our customers for staying patient with our team as we navigated these times together. We are thankful as a team here at SANERA that we got a chance to help those directly affected this year.

We wish you the best in 2021 one thing we have learned from 2020 is look to a brighter future. We are always here to help at SANERA.